Applied Environmental Sedimentology

The Department of Applied Environmental Sedimentology offers consulting services for the sedimentology industry, the government, and academic institutions (including oil and gas exploration companies, geological survey organizations, and environmental and archaeological agencies).

Our highly qualified staff prepare multidisciplinary sedimentological studies for geological, hydrogeological, and geoecological assessments.


  • Grain-size analysis of sediments by a variety of methods using various scales. Calculation of statistical parameters (median diameter, standard deviation, asymmetry and excess) and plotting of particle size distribution diagrams;
  • Mineralogical and component analysis of sediments;
  • Determination of genetic types of sediments;
  • Interpolation of lithological and physical properties of sediments, depth correlation of geological horizons and layers, drafting of prospecting sections for drilling and bore holes;
  • Property determination of deep sedimentological horizons based on their lithological, stratigraphical and geostructural characteristics and formation analysis for feasibility studies of hazardous and toxic industrial waste disposal sites; and
  • Pollution monitoring based on sedimentological analyses.

Sedimentological analyses are provided on a per-sample basis for drilling wells and dry-land or submarine outcrop programs.

On-site work and office consultations such as sedimentological interpretations and data syntheses are provided on a time basis.