Applied Climatology

The Department of Applied Climatology and Climate Modelling offers consulting services and expertise in climate forecasting, diagnosis of climatic problems and their causes, and the development of methods to avert potential climate-related ecological problems.


  • Detailed analyses of current climate conditions on local, regional, and national scales, particularly in regions with complex geographical features (glaciers, lakes, alternating vegetation types etc.);
  • Climate forecasting on a local, regional, national, and global scale under current development trends;
  • Predicting climatic responses to:
    • increases in greenhouse gas levels;
    • changes of the ocean levels;
    • volcanic activity;
    • solar activity;
    • changing vegetation;
    • agricultural activity and lumbering;
    • other anthropogenic activities; and
  • Determining the influence of natural climatic changes on vegetation, ocean levels, precipitation levels, and other environmental factors.