IGCP 521 (2005-2010) - INQUA 501 (2005-2011)

Caspian-Black Sea-Mediterranean Corridor during the last 30 ky: sea level change and human adaptive strategies

The Project Has Ended

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Prof. Dr. Valentina Yanko-Hombach
IGCP 521 Co-Leader
INQUA 501 Leader
Avalon Institute of Applied Science

976 Elgin Ave., Winnipeg MB R3E 1B4, Canada
Tel: +1 (204) 489 4569
Fax: +1 (204) 489 5782

E-mail: valyan@avalon-institute.org
Biography page
IGCP 521 announces with deep regret
the death of
Emeritus Professor Pavel Dolukhanov
on Sunday 6th December 2009 after a short illness.
Emeritus Professor Dolukhanov was appointed in October 1990 in the former Department of Archaeology and retired as Professor of East European Archaeology in September 2002. A keen scientist and a wonderful person, he was heavily involved with IGCP 521 project and will be sorely missed by IGCP 521 community.