IGCP 521



What is  IGCP?

The International Geoscience Programme (IGCP) is a joint endeavour of UNESCO and IGUS (International Union of Geological Sciences) and operates in about 150 countries, involving several thousand scientists.

It provides a multinational platform for scientists from all disciplines related to earth sciences to exchange knowledge and methodology on a multitude of geological problems of global importance.

After three decades of successful work, the "International Geological Correlation Programme" continues as the "International Geoscience Programme".  It promotes collaborative projects with a special emphasis on the advancement and sharing of knowledge in geoscience research between the developed and the developing nations.

The recent name-change reflects the new focus on broad socially-oriented themes and takes note of the full range of the geosciences.  A new working group on Hydrogeology is aimed at linking up traditional geological work with applied water-related activities.

Special emphasis is put on the benefit provided to society, capacity-building, and the involvement of geologists from developing countries.
For more information please go to: http://www.unesco.org/science/earth/igcp/index_igcp.html

How can I participate?

By sending an e-mail to valyan@avalon-institute.org.  As soon as you are on the mailing list, you will get IGCP 521 newsletters and will be able to participate in the Annual Plenary Meetings and Field Trips in Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Israel.

Can I obtain funding?

IGCP is not a funding agency, and the limited funds are available only for RESEARCHERS FROM DEVELOPING COUNTRIES to cover their participation in IGCP 521 project meetings and field trips. You can apply for such funds when submitting an abstract in the “call-for-papers” issued for each meeting, or by writing an email to valyan@avalon-institute.org. Please note that funding is not available for data acquisition. The program is intended to advance knowledge through communication and cooperation.