Ponto-Caspian Stratigraphy and Geochronology (POCAS)

From the Caspian to Mediterranean:
Stratigraphy, Geochronology, Environmental Change
and Human Response during the Quaternary

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The Fourth Plenary Conference and Field Trip
of the INQUA Focus Group SACCOM IFG 1709F
"Ponto-Caspian Stratigraphy and Geochronology (POCAS)"

is postponed. Please continue to monitor the Avalon website for the most up-to-date information.

The conference will focus on the progress of the current project
with particular attention to stratigraphy and geochronology of
the north-western part of the Black Sea and adjacent coast
as well as Transnistria (Tiraspol-Dubossary).
and Field Trip of INQUA IFG 1709F

The Field Trip will be concentrated on the:

(a) Roksolany - type locality (stratotype) of the loess-paleosol formation of Ukraine that is
located on the east shore of Dniester Liman near the village of Roksolany. It is a natural
outcrop along the slope of the sea and liman at an elevation of 49-51 m above the liman
level. Twenty horizons of Neopleistocene and Eopleistocene loess and paleosols occur in
this exposure;

(b) Baymouth barriers of NW limans (Dniesrovskiy, Dniepro-Bugskiy, Tiligulskiy, Kuyalnitskiy, Khadzhibeyskiy) where more or less complete sequences of the Late Pleistocene-Holocene
sediments are exposed;

(c) Dnestrovian terraces (e.g., VII terrace and site Bayraki with Oldowan human culture, etc.).
The conference and field trip will be carried out under the auspices of Odessa I.I.Mechnikov
University and Shevchenko State University of Pridnesrovie, Moldova, Pridnesrovie.