From the Caspian to Mediterranean:
Environmental Change and Human Response
during the Quaternary

Project Map Baku, Azerbaijan Gobustan Astrakhan, Russia, Volga Delta Tbilisi, Georgia



Sixth Plenary Meeting and Field Trip of IGCP 610 and
Second Meeting of INQUA IFG 1709F of Ponto-Caspian Stratigraphy and Geochronology (POCAS) project
will be held jointly
on October 14-21, 2018
in Antalya, Turkey

under the auspices of Istanbul University
and Avalon Institute of Applied Science, Canada

The joint meeting will focus on the geological history extending from Upper Miocene through Plio/Pleistocene until historical periods, in Antalya Province of the central Taurus Mountain belt, along the Eastern Mediterranean coast of Turkey. This subject is very important in shedding light and achieving a better understanding of tectonic-climatic interactions during the Plio/Quaternary period in this region.

Information about the meeting:

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