From the Caspian to Mediterranean:
Environmental Change and Human Response
during the Quaternary



V. Yanko-Hombach

N. Panin

O. Smyntyna

M. C. Özdoğan

T. Yanina

Prof. Dr. Valentina Yanko-Hombach, Head of the Department of Physical and Marine Geology, Geological-Geographical Faculty, Head of Interdisciplinary Scientific and Educational Center of Geoarchaeology, Marine and Environmental Geology, 2, Dvorianskaia Street, Odessa 65082, Ukraine
phone +380 (48) 723-0208, e-mail
President, Avalon Institute of Applied Science, 976 Elgin Avenue, Winnipeg MB R3E 1B4, Canada
phone +1 (204) 489-4569, e-mail

Prof. Dr. Nikolay Panin, Counsellor of the Director General of the National Institute of R&D for Marine Geology and Geo-ecology - GeoEcoMar, Str. Dimitrie Onciul, Nr. 23-25, Bucharest RO-024053, Romania
phone/fax +40 (21) 252-2594, e-mail

Prof. Dr. Olena Smyntyna, Director of the Institute of International Education, Head of the Department of Archaeology and Ethnology of Ukraine, Historical Faculty, I.I.Mechnikov National University, Odessa, Ukraine

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Celal Özdoğan, Department of Archaeology, Istanbul University, Turkey, e-mail

Prof. Dr. Tamara Yanina, Head of the Scientific Laboratory of the Pleistocene Paleogeography, Faculty of Geography, M.V.Lomonosov State University, Moscow, Russia e-mail

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