Volumetric Solutions – Complexometry

For back-titrations, we recommend zinc sulfate instead of magnesium chloride often recommended in older literature.

Substance Concentration (mol/l) Price
EDTA 0.1 $58.00
Magnesium Chloride 0.1 $22.00
Zinc Sulfate 0.1 $22.00

Auxiliary substances are often required in complexometric titration, for example ammonia – ammonium chloride buffer (“hardness buffer”) for the titration of Ca, Mg, and water hardness. Liquid auxiliary substances are sold in 250 ml PE bottles. Solis are sold in 100 g bottles.

Substance Purpose Package Price
Disodium Tartrate Auxiliary complex 100 g $18.00
Hardness Buffer Water hardness titration 250 ml $16.00
iso-Ascorbic Acid Fe and Mn reduction 100 g $18.00
Michaelis Buffer Various metal titrations 250 ml $16.00